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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Many of us are quite familiar with the versatility and convenience offered by a Volkswagen Kombi, which was conceived after the Second World War during the late 1940s. Utilising the engine, platform and other mechanical parts of the Beetle, the VW Kombi van became a favourite of many people very quickly. Around 1978, it was improved by addition of enhanced internal components, but its exterior appearance still looked almost the same.

Around the world, including several regions of Australia, people started transforming the VW van into wonderful and interesting creations. Even now, many individuals use it for keeping their businesses afloat. The capacity of the vehicle is astounding, as it can accommodate nearly 60 umbrellas, 100 chairs and several other goods suitable for organising an event. Although the production of Kombi has been stopped due to impractical expenses required for adding abs braking system, emissions modification and air bags, many people can still be seen relying on the van for running their trade.

There are multiple companies in Australia which offer vintage Kombi hire in Perth for tours to winery, wedding parties, special dates, school formals, engagement parties and a variety of other events. Some individuals have even turned their Kombis into cafes, bars, ice cream parlours and restaurants. Doing so has not turned out to be bad idea for them, because customers can hardly resist the temptation of a groovy Kombi cafe or bar having a fold-down side and raised roof with awning on any day of the week.

Vintage Kombi vans have proved themselves to be of great significance when it comes to creating mobile businesses for appealing to a growing demographic. That is why more and more enthusiasts are looking for this exotic and highly useful vehicle so as to give a shot to their long time dream of having a food truck or bar-on-wheels of their own.

Since the van is so extremely versatile, the list of purposes that people have used it for hitherto is quite an endless one. A monster truck, a photo booth, a trailer, a pool table, a garden, even a garden shed - there is almost nothing that a Kombi has not been transformed into. Many are lamenting over the fact that Volkswagen would no longer be making this unique van anywhere in the world. But the story is different for those who owned the beautiful vehicle when its popularity was at the peak.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Silverfish is a common pest in many households across Australia, especially in areas like Castle Cove, Central Coast and Northern Beaches. They are usually bluish-silver or brownish-grey in colour and can grow up to the length of 19 millimetres. Their favourite hiding spots include attics, bathrooms and kitchens - any place that is damp and dark. They love to feed on shampoos, cellulose, dead insects, silk, linen and residual glue. They can move as well as reproduce quickly, which allows them to spread throughout a place within a short period of time.
 Although silverfish are nocturnal and their infestation can sometimes go unnoticed, they can be prevented and controlled by implementing several measures, some of which have been discussed below:

Reducing Humidity

Silverfish need a continuous supply of moisture for ensuring survival. By reducing this one basic necessity of theirs, it is possible to control them significantly. Basements and attics must be ventilated properly, and dried with the help of dehumidifiers or stand fans. Leaky faucets and pipes must be fixed or replaced. If there are no pets or small children in the house, placing silica gels in holes, cracks and corners can also help.

Elimination of Food Sources

Silverfish are known to snack on a wide range of things including starches, cereal grains, paper, book glue, cotton, linen, silk and even mould. Therefore, it is important to sweep, mop or vacuum diligently for removing food crumbs that can act as effective food sources. All magazines, papers and books must be kept in metal trunks having tight lids. Rugs and carpets should be cleaned regularly for removing mildew.
Regulation of Light & Heat

Common silverfish normally cannot tolerate too much light and heat and prefer temperatures ranging from 21 to 27 degrees Celsius. If the inhabitants can tolerate it, the infested area may be heated above 27 degrees and then cooled to 15 degrees. Light can be used for forcing the pests into areas where they can be easily tackled.

Blocking Entry Points

Caulking or plaster can be used for blocking cracks or holes where silverfish are suspected to reside. These holes are where the pests lay and deposit eggs. Blocking up the crevices will prevent them from coming out. Careful attention must be paid to small cracks between the floor and runner board.

If infestations persist even after resorting to above mentioned tips, it would be better to contact professionals dealing with pest control in Castle Cove or other parts of Australia. However, steps must be taken to determine whether the pest control firm being considered is efficient enough for taking care of the infestation or not.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Bricks are one of the most commonly used paving materials in Perth. They are manufactured and designed specifically to lay flat on ground once they have been laid out. They are quite different from the ones made for use in the construction of chimneys and walls. Paving bricks are generally very durable, capable of withstanding high as well as low temperatures, excessive foot traffic, rain and snow.
 Unlike their chimney and wall counterparts, paving bricks come in a wide range of colours and shapes for aesthetic purposes. Although they are generally supplied by paving contractors in Perth who work with brick paver, they can also be bought from home improvement shops, building supply stores or stone yards. At times, they are even sold online as left over from complete projects. However, it is recommended to be careful while making such online purchases, as chances of getting cheated with inferior quality materials are usually high in these cases.

There are several reasons why Perth has more paving contractors working with bricks than any other material. Let’s have a look at a few of them:
  •     Durability - As has been mentioned already, brick pavers are extremely long-lasting because they can survive weather extremes and continue to serve their purpose even with little maintenance.
  •     Easy to Install - They do not necessitate much effort to be installed, which makes them an ideal option for those projects that need to be completed quickly as well as effectively.
  •     Design Possibilities - They offer a huge number of design options, which can be chosen as per the exterior appearance of a property. They can be used for building a patio or walkway that looks classic and formal, or a driveway that is more informal and laid-back. All one needs to do is choose a proper pattern.

Nowadays, the multiple benefits of brick pavers have made them the most preferable material for constructing sidewalks, patios and building walkways. They possess a timeless quality which is capable of working well with almost any setting. It also explains the reason behind the increasing popularity of paving contractors.

Though brick pavers look good and last long after they have been installed, they can only do so if they have been installed properly. And to ensure an effective installation, it is important to hire a reliable brick paving contractor in Perth. For it is only a qualified and competent professional who would be able to provide a good quality work.

Monday, 8 February 2016

A bodyguard is a person employed generally for the primary purpose of eliminating threats to the life of an individual at risk of either death or injuries. No one hires a bodyguard unless they feel that their existence is being threatened. But there are several challenges that hinder the work of Australian bodyguards and kill the purpose for which they are hired.

 According to the standards regulating the usage of firearms in Australia, bodyguards cannot carry firearms with them in any of the states. Only the government of Victoria allows bouncers to put on a ballistic vest or be armed with a baton for protection, but no fire weapons at all. Many debates have taken place lately over this topic and majority are of the opinion that the existing standards are defective.

As per the legislation, guards who are appointed for building security purposes or lending protection to cash in transit services can carry firearms as per the law, and even use them for self-defence if needed. But it is quite hard to comprehend why bodyguards who are entrusted with a very important job of protecting someone’s life cannot be equipped with guns.

Every year, hundreds of dignitaries travel to Australia who necessitate armed protection once they are within the boundaries of the country. But not all of them are able to meet the requisites for obtaining armed protection from the Australian Police Service. As a result, they are left with no other choice but to hire private bodyguards for security. Now if those bodyguards are denied by the legislation to carry guns, they would be never be able to ensure 100 percent security.

According to many professional security officers in Australia, not all security organisations provide adequate training to aspiring bodyguards except a few good ones like Baird Brothers Protective Services. Some of them are of the opinion that it is important to have an advanced and effective training program in Close Protection & Firearms that must be substantially higher than the existing security standards.

There is actually a Certificate IV in Close Protection, which features a 10-day program that would necessitate a candidate to live in and take part in 15 to 16 hours of lifelike scenarios and instruction sessions altogether everyday. However, some RTOs (regional training organisations) try to finish off this program in a few days by keeping the approach of training mostly theoretical. It is high time to make suitable amendments for upping the standards of bodyguard training programs and reviewing the legislative regulations that govern the right of bodyguards to carry firearms.

Friday, 22 January 2016

A motel is basically a hotel that has been specially designed for motorists and has a large parking area for vehicles. The term “motel” technically means a hotel that consists of a building with connected rooms, with the doors of these rooms facing towards the parking lot of the building. Motels are generally owned by private individuals. They are usually situated beside large highways for providing cheap overnight accommodation to motorists. Most motels offer amazing services to their guests. Some of the those services have been described below. Have a look:
1. Rooms: Most of the motels offer rooms that consist of a queen sized bed. Some even come with two or three single beds. The room tariff generally depends on the type of room. But it is usually ideal for those who are looking forward to stay for a few nights at low and affordable costs.

2. Parking Lot: 
The presence of a parking lot is compulsory within a motel accommodation. This is because motels are specially built for accommodating motorists. People who are passionate about travelling and love to take their motor bikes along are bound to find the parking lot of a motel accommodation very convenient. Even some reputed motels in Sydney offer free secure undercover parking, in order to make sure that vehicles of the guests stay in a safe zone.
3. Modern Amenities:
In order to provide full comfort to their guests, majority of motels equip themselves with various types of modern amenities. Equipment like air conditioner, refrigerator, hair dryer, tea/coffee making machines and so on can be found in the rooms of many reputed motels in Sydney.

4. Internet and Wi-Fi Facilities:
Keeping in mind the importance of internet in today's world some of the motel accommodations even offer free Wi-Fi and internet services to their guests. Thus guests can get all the updates like weather conditions, recent news etc by connecting their mobile phones and laptops to high speed internet.

5. Take away meals: It is not uncommon among travellers to buy food from outside. But sometimes it may be difficult to find any restaurant or eatery near highways. So keeping in mind this problem, many motels have started offering the service of take away meals at affordable rates. Travellers can easily collect their meal from the take away counters in exchange of a few bucks.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Congratulations! You are engaged now! But very soon you might be wondering what to do next. For the time being, you can enjoy your new relationship and tell about it to your near and dear ones. Once your wedding date is fixed, the to-do-list would become bigger. Organising a wedding party is not at all an easy task. From arranging a bachelor’s party before the wedding to preparing a long list of invitees and fixing the venue as well as deciding a dress code, there are a number of things that must be taken care of while making preparations for a grand wedding party. Given below are some tips that can help you in arranging for all the requirements without much hassle. Have a look.

After getting engaged the things you must do are:

1. Start preparing for the celebration after announcing your engagement.
2. Buy an awesome engagement ring for your fiance/fiancee.
3. Have a discussion about the wedding budget with your partner. Each and every single point of the wedding party should be considered. For example what you want to wear on the D-day, what colour does your fiancee prefers, what type of food will rock the menu and so on. Whatever it is, do not forget to have a detailed discussion with him/her.
4. Decide an appropriate wedding venue. Whether you want to have a destination wedding or get married close to your home just decide it accordingly.
5. Fix a date and time of the ceremony.
6. Don’t forget to book a venue for your reception party.
7. If you are preferring to hire a professional planner who would arrange everything for your party then book an efficient one immediately without much delay.
8. Appointing professional guards for ensuring wedding party security in Brisbane is a must. This will not only make your party a safe one but will also make your guests feel comfortable and secured.
9.  Last but not the least, don’t forget to start your beauty and health regime. After all you ought to look your best at your own wedding party!

Once the date is fixed, just remember:

1. to choose your groomsmen and bridesmaids.
2. to book a suitable wedding car.
3. Confirm and book the venue for both the cardinal ceremony as well as reception.
4. Book a wedding videographer and photographer. Don’t forget to have a pre-wedding shoot with your finace/fiancee.
5. Make a rough list of guests.
6. Think and decide about your wedding dress as well as those of the bridesmaids or groomsmen.
7. Decide a honeymoon destination too.

Starting a new life with a well organised plan will help you to maintain a positive and peaceful attitude. Follow the simple steps mentioned above and have a stress-free wedding ceremony. All the best!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

A contract for residential or commercial paving must contain the same fundamental elements as any other contractual agreement. It must also have some items which are associated only with landscaping and paving business. Ensuring their presence in the agreement would not only help in preventing loss, but also guarantee good quality work.

 Given below are some essential factors related to paving contracts, which companies offering paving services in Perth ensure to take care of:

Existence of Legal Ability

Although it is needless to mention this fact, both parties involved in the contract must have legal rights for entering in an agreement of such nature. For instance, a minor cannot be held liable for making payments after a paving project has been completed in case they refuse to do so. In a similar way, a client cannot accuse a service providing firm for not doing something mentioned in the contract if the firm does not have proper certification.

Presence of Consideration

A legal consideration has to be in place for a paving contract to be valid. It helps in ensuring that one party gets whatever the other has asked from them. For example, a homeowner is bound to receive good quality paving work from the service provider and make all payments properly in return.

Outlined Terms

A paving agreement is supposed to contain the terms and conditions outlined for both parties completely. Each party must comprehend that which is necessitated from them as mentioned in the terms. The expected start and end dates for the project and area of the ground that needs to be paved must also be included. Lastly, it is imperative for the terms and conditions to state possible repercussions in case either or both parties fail to meet them. This ensures that each party has a sound idea about what they are supposed to do and what can be consequences of non-compliance.

Paving Particulars

The contract should consist of a clause which provides information about who would be responsible for utility markings or excavation, especially if the project is a portion of an overall landscaping program with a client. The agreement must clearly convey details about who is responsible for obtaining permit, what kind of warranty would be provided, limitations of the warranty and how much it would cost for performing alterations after the project has been completed. Last but not the least, there must be a non-refundable deposit clause. If, due to some reason, the project is annulled, the clause will help in reducing overall losses.

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